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American Combat Club believes that we can help ANYBODY get in shape, learn to defend themselves , and become a competitive athlete.  Our coaches and members are in the gym everyday, spending countless hours on the mats making this belief a reality.  The reputation of our gym and our record in competitions are the proof of its success.

Fitness is the cornerstone of what we provide to our members, however, the knowledge and skills bestowed are of equal benefit.  In today’s world, MMA practitioners have to train in all aspects of a fight, which usually means being a member of more than one gym in order to harness all of the skills required to compete at the highest level.  At American Combat Club, those gyms are all combined under one roof to make the premier MMA gym in Orlando.

Our trainers have decades of experience as both competitors and instructors, but more importantly, they have the desire and ability to make everyone around them better.  They are World Champions and black belts that are well versed in striking, takedowns/takedown defense, ground fighting and submissions.  Whether your goal is to be a World Class professional fighter, learn self-defense, or just get in shape, American Combat Club will ensure that your training and technique is top-notch.

Our ONLY location is an over 12,000 square foot facility in the heart of downtown Orlando.  We have plenty of on-site parking, locker rooms and showers for both men and women, a fully equipped weight room, a regulation size MMA cage, and tons of heavy bags and mat space.  Come in and take a tour or even try a class out today!



We are a proud Helio Soneca affiliate!

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